Safety and efficacy of a bacteriophage cocktail in an in vivo model of sinusitis

Pseudomonas aeruginosa  phage cocktail in a sheep model of rhinosinusitis was able to decrease sinus pathogen biofilm. No safety concerns were noted


Antimicrobial assessment of phage therapy of biofilm infection

Phage therapy constitutes a very promising approach in the control of topical microbial populations


Bacteriophages could aid disinfection of drug-resistant bacteria in wastewater

A new study shows that these pathogenic bacteria can be killed cheaply and quickly by a combined treatment with sunlight and bacteria-killing viruses called bacteriophages


Phage Studies in the USA in 2019

Two phage clinical trials will launch in the USA  in 2019. The trials will evaluate the safety, tolerability and efficacy of experimental bacteriophage therapy  in people with Crohn's disease and VADs infected by resistant S. aureus


Phage Therapy one of the Top 10 Drug Discovery Trends to Watch in 2019

Researchers from across disciplines at Charles River discuss which trends they expect will propel the development of novel therapeutics forward this year. Phage Therapy one of the Top 10 Drug Discovery Trends to Watch in 2019


Microbiome Movement - Drug Development Summit Europe 2019

The 3rd Microbiome Movement – Drug Development Europe (28-30 January 2019) returns as the industry-defining forum to help discover, develop and deliver the next generation of microbiome-based therapeutic and diagnostic candidates to market


Do infections increase the risk of subsequent mental disorders during childhood and adolescence?

A nationwide study in Denmark have shown the association between treated infections and the subsequent risk of treated mental disorders in children and adolescent


Bacteriophages Synergize with the Gut Microbiota To Combat Salmonella

Phage treatment has high specificity when combating Salmonella infection and offers a noninvasive alternative to antibiotic treatment


Cross-kingdom communication led to a breakthrough phage therapy

Princeton biologists have identified a virus, VP882, that can listen in on bacterial conversations - and then they found a way to use that to make it attack bacterial diseases like E. coli and cholera


Аntimicrobial Use and Resistance Map

ResistanceMap is an open interactive collection of charts and maps that summarize national and subnational data on antimicrobial use and resistance worldwide 


PhagoBurn Project: Important Findings

Phagoburn is a project funded by the European Union under the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Development. Phagoburn was launched on June 1st, 2013


Bacteriophage Market Expected To Exhibit Steady Growth

In the latest market report the global bacteriophage market was valued at US$ 567.9 Mn in 2017 expanding at a CAGR of 3.9% from 2018 to 2026