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Is there an alternative to antibiotics?

Is there an alternative to antibiotics?


The experts in various fields joined to creation of medications able to substitute antibiotics or at least helpful in the fight against the bacterial infections. Among the agents considered as a possible alternative to antibiotics a special place belongs to the bacteriophages. They are basically bacterial viruses, killing the bacterial cell proliferating inside it.


The bacteriophages were discovered 100 years ago, and unlike the other possible alternatives to antibiotics they can impress by a long-term experience of application thereof in treatment of various infections. Discovery of antibiotics in the middle of the XX century swept the bacteriophages under the carpet, however in the last decade they regained attention, and become more popular. Today hundreds of scientific laboratories all over the world study the properties of bacteriophages and the components thereof. 


Phage agents (phage medications) can be used as a safe means for prevention and treatment of a series of common diseases, including in children, elderly people, and immune compromised people. Besides, bacteriophages can be used for treatment of infections induced by multi-drug resistant bacteria, as well as a series of chronic diseases needing a long-term antibacterial therapy.



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