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How to prevent the spreading of antibiotic resistance?

How to prevent the spreading of antibiotic resistance?


It is impossible to stop the antibiotic resistance in bacteria. But this process can be considerably slowed down. In 2015 the World Health Assembly adopted a global plan of action to fight the antimicrobial resistance. One of the most important tasks is informing healthcare specialists, veterinarians, agriculturalists, food industry personnel as well as the whole population about the antibiotic resistance problems. 
Everyone should have a true notion of the antibiotics and promote the prudent use thereof. 

The rules of use of the antibiotics:


- Antibiotics should be used ONLY as prescribed by the doctor;
- If possible, bacteria sensitivity analysis should be performed considering various antibiotics (plating and antibiogram). The analysis minimizes the risks related to application of inefficient antibiotics;
- It is necessary to adhere to the dosage, frequency and course of administration of the antibiotic prescribed by the doctor;
- It is important to read attentively the instruction and consider all the precautions considering interaction of the agent with the other medications. 

The WHO also calls all the countries to increase investments in development of new antimicrobial medicinal products. An active search for an effective and safe alternative to antibiotics in the fight against infections is carried out around the world.