Perspectives on phage-antibiotic synergy in clinical applications of phage therapy

Some current studies that have addressed synergistic killing activity between phages and antibiotics, the issues of treatment order and antibiotic class, and point to considerations that will have to be addressed by future studies are discussed


Bacteriophage versus antibiotic therapy on gut bacterial communities of juvenile green turtle

The work offered the proof of concept of phage therapy to manipulate transient as well as indigenous bacterial flora in gut‐related dysbiosis of turtles


Phage therapy of pneumonia and inflammatory response

The rapid lysis of bacteria by bacteriophages in vivo does not increase the innate inflammatory response compared to antibiotic treatment


Therapeutic potential of phages in autoimmune liver diseases

Bacterial viruses (phages) have been recognized increasingly as immunomodulators contributing to immune homeostasis and curbing inflammation


Phage therapy treats patient with drug-resistant mycobacterial infection

A 15-year-old patient with cystic fibrosis with a disseminated Mycobacterium abscessus infection was treated with a three-phage cocktail following bilateral lung transplantation


Effects of Supplemental Bacteriophage Intake on Inflammation and Gut Microbiota

Effects of a cocktail of Escherichia coli-targeting bacteriophages on gut microbiota and markers of intestinal and systemic inflammation in a healthy human population were examined


The Perfect Predator

The Perfect Predator by Steffanie Strathdee and Tom Patterson – а bracing medical thriller about one woman’s race to save her husband from a lethal, antibiotic-resistant superbug


Successful treatment of antibiotic resistant bone infection with phages and antibiotics

A patient with a trauma-related left tibial infection associated with XDR Acinetobacter baumannii and MDR Klebsiella  pneumoniae  was treated with bacteriophages and antibiotics


Virus can help treat Pseudomonas aeruginosa in cystic fibrosis

A new study shows that bacteriophages can be used to fight Pseudomonas aeruginosa, the most common bacteria found in cystic fibrosis patients