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Engineering Phage Host-Range

Vastly diverse phage libraries containing more than a million of different members were created. Structure-informed engineering of viral tail fibers generated host-range alterations


Phage therapy for treating mycobacterial infections

This review presents comprehensive data about phage therapy in the treatment of mycobacterial infection, specifically tuberculosis disease


Evergreen Phage 2019

This year was the 23rd Evergreen conference and it covered almost everything you could think of when it comes to phage


Phage cocktail reduces Salmonella on a commercial broiler farm

These results contribute relevant information to the adoption of phage therapy as an alternative to growth-promoter antibiotics on poultry farms


Bacteriophages reduce pathogenic Escherichia coli counts in mice without distorting gut microbiota

Phage administration was effective in reducing viable E. coli in infected mice with a similar efficacy to ampicillin therapy. However, the F.O.P. bacteriophage preparation had less impact on the gut microbiota compared to ampicillin


Bacteriophage Applications for Food Production and Processing

One promising technique is bacteriophage biocontrol, a green and natural method that uses lytic bacteriophages isolated from the environment to specifically target pathogenic bacteria and eliminate them from (or significantly reduce their levels in) foods


Hierarchically structured, bioactive hydrogels with bundles of phage nanofilamentsa

Bacteriophages are essentially bionanoparticles with a protein coat, the building blocks for bottom-up synthesis of multifunctional materials with advanced properties


Perspectives on phage-antibiotic synergy in clinical applications of phage therapy

Some current studies that have addressed synergistic killing activity between phages and antibiotics, the issues of treatment order and antibiotic class, and point to considerations that will have to be addressed by future studies are discussed


Bacteriophage versus antibiotic therapy on gut bacterial communities of juvenile green turtle

The work offered the proof of concept of phage therapy to manipulate transient as well as indigenous bacterial flora in gut‐related dysbiosis of turtles