Evergreen Phage 2019

The meeting took place Aug 4-9, 2019 in Olympia, Washington at the Evergreen State College.

This year was the 23rd Evergreen conference (and it runs only once per two years), meaning it’s been around 46 years! Dr. Betty Kutter, professor emeritus at the Evergreen State College, has been the lead organizer since its establishment.

The meeting covered almost everything you could think of when it comes to phage. Therapy, research, agriculture, bioinformatics, AI etc. There were 344 registered participants

Read about Meeting in the review of participant: Sacher, J. (2019). Evergreen Phage 2019: Meeting Recap. Capsid & Tail, (44). Retrieved from https://phage.directory/capsid/evergreen-2019-recap