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  • Bacteriophages are applied for prevention and treatment of intestinal tract dysbacteriosis (dysbiosis).
  • Bacteriophages are applied orally and rectally (in enemas).
  • Bacteriophages are applied in case of multi-resistance of causative bacteria to antibiotics.
  • Bacteriophages are applied in treatment of patients with intolerance to antibiotics or contraindications of use thereof.
  • Bacteriophages can be applied in combination with probiotics, prebiotics, and antimicrobial products.
  • Bacteriophages are used for prevention of dysbacteriosis in the risk groups: in patients taking antibiotics, RRI children, allergy patients, immunity compromised patients, in case of improper feeding, etc.


A stable composition of intestinal microflora plays an important role in human health. A normal intestinal microflora carries out a set of functions: it protects the body from pathogenic microbes, neutralizes the toxins, stimulates the immune system, participates in the digestion process, provides synthesis and absorption of a series of vitamins and minerals, regulates the intestinal motility, normalizes the peristalsis, regulates the appetite, etc.  


Aside from the useful bacteria the intestine is inhabited with opportunistic pathogenic microorganisms, which are unnoticeable for healthy people, but if the body defences fail these organisms may start proliferating. This causes digestive disorders, development of general intoxication, eventually – development of intestinal mucosa inflammation. The condition when opportunistic pathogenic microorganisms prevail in the intestines is called dysbacteriosis (dysbiosis).


Dysbacteriosis can develop as a result of antibiotics administration, enteric infections, diseases of the digestive system (gastritis, peptic ulcer, pancreatitis), low consumption of dietary fibres, failure of body defences. On the one hand the microflora participates in the development of digestive system diseases, on the other hand – any unfavourable changes in the body result in changes of the microflora composition and properties. 

In case of dysbacteriosis a person may suffer from bloat and pain in the abdomen, bad breath, diarrhoea, or on the contrary – constipation, there may be a general uneasiness, loss of appetite, headache, and onset of allergy.


To correct the dysbiotic disorders in the intestines usually probiotic products are prescribed, containing living cultures of lacto- and bifid-bacteria – regular inhabitants of the intestines. However, it may be insufficient for treatment of a chronic, and especially long-lasting dysbacteriosis. To eliminate the opportunistic pathogenic microflora it is reasonable to use the corresponding bacteriophages. The phago-products are highly specific – they kill only the definite bacteria, and don’t affect the useful microflora. Besides, the risk of resistance development in the pathogenic bacteria to this type of products is minimal. Due to the high margin of safety Pyophage ® is approved for use in children (ref. Instructions). The use of bacteriophages stimulates the specific and non-specific immunity factors, which is especially effective in the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases in the presence of immunodepressions.


The products Intestifag® or Pyofag® in case of dysbacteriosis are administered orally and rectally. The product is applied orally according to the age dose 3 times a day 1 hour before meals during 7-20 days. It is also possible to apply the product rectally in the form of enemas – according to the age dose 1 time a day after defecation instead of 1 oral administration.


As a preventive measure bacteriophage is administered orally according to the age dose 1 time a day 1 hour before meals. The duration of the course depends on the epidemic situation.


  • For the age doses of the product refer to the Instructions for medical use of Pyofag® and Intestifag® medicinal products.
  • Full information on the products is contained in the Instructions for medical use.
  • Before use read the Instructions for medical use of Pyofag® and Intestifag® medicinal product.


Download the Instructions for medical use of Pyofag® medicinal product  

Download the Instructions for medical use of Intestifag® medicinal product  


Pyofag® Р.С. № UA/15974/01/01. Approved by the Order of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine No. 478 of  28.04.2017.
Intestifag® Р.С. № UA/15970/01/01. Approved by the Order of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine No. 478 of  28.04.2017.


The information on the product is presented for information purposes only and shall not be used as a guide for self-treatment. Only a doctor can make a decision as to prescribing of the product, as well as doses thereof and method of administration.