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Cystitis and urethritis

  • Bacteriophages are applied in treatment of cystitis and urethritis.
  • Bacteriophages are applied in case of multi-resistance of causative bacteria to antibiotics.
  • Bacteriophages are applied in treatment of patients with intolerance to antibiotics or contraindications of use thereof.
  • Bacteriophages may be used in combination with the other antimicrobial agents.
  • Bacteriophages may be used for prevention of cystitis recurrence in the risk groups: in elderly people, patients with allergies, immunity compromised patients, patients with chronic diseases. 


A frequent painful urination, insignificant body temperature rise, nebulous urine with blood infusion, pain above the pubic bone and in the lower part of back – these symptoms usually evidence the development of a cystitis – catarrh of the bladder. In case of urethritis the urinations are painful, but the frequency thereof does not grow. Urethritis often accompanies cystitis. Cystitis is predisposed by bladder mucous membrane traumas, venous stasis in pelvis, hormonal disorders, vitamin deficiencies, hypothermia, etc. As a rule, the urinary tract infectious agents are pathogenic coliform bacteria and staphylococci. Without a proper treatment the acute cystitis can develop into a chronic form with frequent recurrences.


The treatment of cystitis and urethritis includes increased fluids, spasmolytic, and antibacterial therapy. The treatment of cystitis with bacteriophages is reasonable with acute as well as chronic forms of the disease, in particular when it comes to ineffectiveness of traditional uroanticeptics and antibiotics. The most common infectious agents of cystitis are killed by bacteriophages contained in Pyophage®. The bacteriophages destroy the pathogenic bacteria leaving the useful microflora untouched. Besides, the bacteriophages stimulate the specific and non-specific immunity factors, which is crucial in case of chronic inflammatory diseases treatment.


In case of cystitis and urethritis Pyofag® product is applied orally according to the age dose 3 times a day 1 hour before meals during 14-20 days depending on the results of check-up urine bacterial test. If needed the treatment course is repeated.


  • For the age doses of the product refer to the Instructions for medical use of Pyofag® medicinal product.
  • Full information on the product is contained in the Instructions for medical use.
  • Before use read the Instructions for medical use of Pyofag® medicinal product.


Download the Instructions for medical use of Pyofag® medicinal product  


Р.С. № UA/15974/01/01. Approved by the Order of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine No. 478 of  28.04.2017.


The information on the product is presented for information purposes only and shall not be used as a guide for self-treatment. Only a doctor can make a decision as to prescribing of the product, as well as doses thereof and method of administration.